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Szymon Chudy - guitar player, composer, music producer.

Szymon Chudy gave over thousand concerts in six countries. He participated in recording of over a dozen albums, two of which brought spectacular success. Szanuj went triple platinum, whereas Jamaican Trip, recorded in Tuff Gong – the legendary Bob Marley studio in Jamaica, finally became a platinum album. Together with StarGuardMuffin, Szymon Chudy was ranked fourth on the Uncharted list by the US Billboard magazine. The band was also awarded a prize from the Consulate of Jamaica in Poland.

Szymon was the only Pole among two hundred most promising young musicians in Europe according to the board of the EU project Euro-Mediterranean Youth Music Expo. As a result, he took part in a series of concerts and workshops in Cyprus, where he played with musicians from all over the Europe. He was then invited to take the stage in Cairo and Alexandria.

Today Szymon Chudy continues to pursue his adventure with music, seeking novel artistic experiences.


Within the last couple of years Szymon performed or recorded with a number of top-notch artists, such as Edyta Górniak, Krzysztof Cugowski, Kamil Bednarek, Gentleman, Capleton, Chezidek, Dean Fraser, Wojtek Mazolewski, Piotr Baron, Mesajah, Stephen Newland, Natalia Niemen, just to name a few.

As a member of Roman Kolakowski' Songs Theater he had an opportunity to share a stage with Piotr Rogucki, Piotr Rubik, Olga Bończyk, Janusz Radek, Katarzyna Groniec, just to name a few.

At the moment he works on his solo material. Szymon also performs with Ras Luta and Songs Theater.

In the past he has cooperated with The Lions / Lion Vibrations (2012-2017), Bakshish (2015-2016), Bethel (2012-2015), Kamil Bednarek + StarGuardMuffin (2009-2012).

Selected discography

Bakshish - Live at Voda
Bethel - Dobrze, że jesteś
Chilli Crew - A Ty
Chilli Crew - Miłości
Krzysztof Cugowski - Przebudzenie
Lion Vibrations (obecnie The Lions) - Friends
StarGuardMuffin (Bednarek) - Jamaican Trip
StarGuardMuffin (Bednarek) - Szanuj
StarGuardMuffin (Bednarek) - Ziemia Obiecana
Teatr Piosenki - Imiona Wolności
The Wiff - Dao


In addition, Szymon eagerly shares his knowledge and experiences, leading one of the most popular Polish guitar blogs / YouTube channels: GuitarWay.

The YouTube channel is subscribed for over 41k subscribers. The blog in the 2020 was visited by over 78k unique users.

Szymon is also one of the editors of the InfoGitara - one of the leading industry portals.



Choose a band or a song.


  • Sierpień /August 2021
    22.08 – Adam Stachowiak @ Szamotuły

    Czerwiec / June 2021
    13.06 – “Itineris finis non est” – Teatr Piosenki @ Wrocław, Impart

    Maj / May 2021
    15.05 – The Lions @ Ukraina, Łuck
    16.05 – The Lions @ Ukraina, Dubno
    29.05 – Young Electric Band @ Niemcy, Bautzen, Steinhaus
    30.05 – Young Electric Band @ Bogatynia, Kabareton
    30.05 – Gościnnie z Joanną Kołaczkowską @ Bogatynia, Kabareton


    Luty / February 2020
    19.02 – Teatr Piosenki @ Toruń, Jordanki

    Grudzień / December 2019
    07.12 – Chilli Crew @ Radio Opole Live

    Listopad / November 2019
    09.11 – Teatr Piosenki @ Wrocław

    Październik / October 2019
    19.10 – Warsztaty Ovation Guitars @ Łódź
    20.10 – Teatr Piosenki @ Cieszyn

    Wrzesień / September 2019
    01.09 – Chilli Crew @ Szamotuły
    02.09 – Edyta Górniak @ Nowy Tomyśl
    03.09 – Teatr Piosenki @ Kraków
    08.09 – Edyta Górniak @ Leszno

    Sierpień / August 2019
    09.08 – Chilli Crew @ Świnoujście
    11.08 – Tribute to Bob Marley @ Bielawa
    19.08 – Chilli Crew @ Czarnoff
    31.08 – Mesajah @ Tczew

    Lipiec / July 2019
    14.07 – Mesajah @ Wągrowiec
    21.07 – Ras Luta @ Wschowa
    22.07 – Ras Luta @ Gogolin



Szymon proudly promotes only brands that he uses on a daily basis. His initial hardware set includes:

  • Ovation Elite Plus, acoustic guitar accompanying it during concerts and TV / radio programs with acoustic repertoire
  • D'addario Strings NYXL, EJ and EXL strings, which he uses in all his guitars
I pay special attention to the sound. In fact I am crazy about it. I have tried out dozens of guitars, effects, and amps. Although I keep seeking, I feel I have already found the sound I was looking for. I am even more glad since I have the pleasure to cooperate with leading brands.Szymon Chudy

Selected arsenal

Guitars: Ovation Elite Plus Koa Burst, Ufnal Modern Classic, Gibson Goldtop '70, Fender Telecaster '78, Hofner Thin President E2, Baton Rouge X10C
Effects: Root Effects Vintage Drive,  Ibanez TS-9 ’83, MXR Phase 90 ’74, Ibanez CP-9 ’87, Fulltone OCD, Deja'Vibe, 69 Fuzz, Spruce Effects, Strymon and many more...


If you are interested in cooperation or just want to ask something - just send the message straight to Simon's private inbox.